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# Cuento en Ingles # Rocío Cumplido

The Scary Monster

One night a year witches and demons go out to walk a bit, but when I was six I didn’t want to go to sleep, because in my bedroom there was a monster who wanted to catch my dreams.

But one night in Halloween when I went to have sweet dreams, I found out a monster trembling by a bee.

And there was, that terrible monster under my bed with his big eyes closed, blowing and blowing strongly to keep away his little monster.
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Quickly, I trapped the bee with my wishes jar but I let it free like a shooting star.

Through the window the bee disappeared, but the monster still felt fear.

-Keep calm good monster- I said.
- You don’t have to be afraid.

The monster came out from his hide and then I was able to see how he liked.

He taught me to roar like a lion and to scare a vampire when the moon is high.

If you don’t believe me, I don’t care.

That monster is still my best friend.

The End

Rocío Cumplido

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