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The Brave Monster: Part One

If you do something bad, I’m going to call the bogeyman. He lives underneath your bed and just goes out when you are not behaving well.  

I`m sure you`ve heard this story at least once, or maybe every Halloween, after eating all your sweets and candies.

Do you know that most children believe that the bogeyman doesn’t exist, and this story is not real?—“No way!” you’d say, just because you are scared. So let me warned you then. If you’re brave enough to keep on reading this story, there are three things that you must learn and please, learn them by heart, because one day your life may depend on them:

1.     The bogeyman is real.
2.     The bogeyman is a monster.
3.     The bogeyman is a brave monster.

Our story starts at Hollows’ eve when Dany didn’t want to go to sleep because Emma, his big sister had told him a story about the bogeyman. After that Dany was so scared that everything put his hair on end.—“ARGHHHHHHHH!” shouted the boy, when he found a spider on his plate.—“It’s just a toy!” laughed her sister full of joy.—“You’re such a silly little boy!” So Dany went to bed, feeling bad for being afraid.

It was a dark, windy night with no moon or stars. As soon as Dany got into his bed, it started to rain. The thunderbolts lighted the dark, filling the room with shadows.—“They’re just tree branches” repeated Dany, with his head under his blanket.

Suddenly, a big dark shadow appeared from underneath his bed. The shadow crawled to the outside pulling apart all the toys that lay beneath the bed, forgotten. The creature got up, turn its immense body to be in front of the bed and with its monstrous hand grabbed the blanket and uncovered Dany.

 And there was that, a gigantic monster, so tall that it had to bend his neck down to fit into the room. Scared to death Dany closed his eyes hoping that when he opened them the monster would not be there. But the monster was still there, looking at Dany with a funny grin on its face.

“Hello little boy!” said the monster in a musical way— “How are youuuuu?”

 The monster started to make noises and grins, like his granny does when she sees a baby at the park.

“Who is this little human?

“Do you want your teddy to sleep?”

 “You’re not afraid of this silly monster, aren't you? Cuchu cuuuuuuuu!”

“I’m six years old, I’m not a baby!” Shouted Danny feeling embarrassed.

The monster that wasn’t expected that shout, covered his ears and started to shake. Dany couldn’t believe it. The monster was scared!

“I’m sorry whatever you are. I didn’t mean to afraid you” he apologised. — The monster sat down on Danny’s floor felling a bit better.

“Don’t worry boy. It isn’t your fault. Screams terrifies me. Well…. in fact…. everything terrifies me”.

The monster told Dany everything about him. His name wasn't obviously monster, neither bogeyman, not even whatever you are. His name was Valiant and he lived in a town called Black Cat Valley, where all magical and mysterious creatures you’d ever heard off lived together. But what surprised Dany  was what the monster said next:

“All the monsters that lived there are good”
“But why are you carrying a sack?” requested Dany pointed at his hand.

“This?” Valiant held the sack up and laughed hard.—“This isn’t to keep any child in it. We use this to keep away all the bad dreams”.

Valiant explained that all the creatures that lived in Black Cat Valley had the same job. They catch all the nightmares that came from the shadows and put them in the local dump ground outside the village.

“Wow! You’re like a superhero” said Dany impressed.

“Well I’m afraid, I’m not” Valiant laid down his head. He felt truly ashamed. “I’ve never cached a nightmare because I’m always scared of them. — My friends always make fun of me for that reason. They say I’m a coward, a chicken and other bad things I deny to repeat”. 

“Why don’t you change your job?” asked the boy. — “Isn’t there anything you would love to do?” Valiant looked at Dany and smile because no one had ever asked him that. No one had ever asked him what he wanted to do or what his dream was.

Valiant told Dany that he wanted to be an Inventor. He loved creating things from nothing and making them work. Long ago he created a radio and he sometimes uses it to hear all the stories about witches, fairies and monsters. Trough that radio Valiant could hear Emma’s story about the Bogeyman.

Valiant knew very well how it feels when you’re always afraid and for that reason he wanted to meet the boy. To make him see that there is nothing to be scare of.—“We just look scary to terrify the nightmares” affirmed Valiant. —Dany believed what Valiant said and he wasn’t longer afraid. Indeed he wished to know more about Valliant’s world.

“Are there also Zombies?”

“How does your town look like?”

“Do you Celebrate Halloween? Or Christmas?”

Valiant answered every question patiently. Telling Dany every detail, but it was the monster who at the end made a question, an incredible one.

“Dany … it's against the rules but... do you want to come and see my home?”

“YES!” said Dany almost shouting.

Dany put his coat on, while Valiant place the bed aside. Then, Valiant said out loud the magic words that would open the door to "the world below”.


Suddenly, a spiral stairs made of gold appeared, making a hole in the floor. Dany couldn´t close his mouth as they were walking down them. There were at least a billion stars lightning the way. It was like walking through the universe.

 After some time they reached the ground and, at the entrance of the village there was a signboard that said… “Welcome to Black Cat Valley, have fun and make trouble”.

It will continue............................

You can read the second part now. Click here

(cc) Rocío Cumplido González

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