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The Brave Moster: Part Two

Although it was called Black Cat, the valley wasn’t dark. There were thousands of light globes floating among the streets. Lightning those beautiful houses which walls were painted with different bright colours: green roofs, yellow doors and statues of cats were decorating every front yard.


When Dany went inside Valiant’s house he thought it was the most amazing place in the world. It was fill up with all sort of human stuff: old Televisions, broken toys, useless tablets and phones laid in the rotten wood floor. 

“Why do you keep all of this?” asked Dany impressed. The house seemed bigger from the outside but the interior looked crowded. There was just place for a tiny kitchen, a narrow bed and a table that was surely not big enough for his new friend.
“To help” answered Valiant —“I wish one day I can use this things that people just threw out to do some good.”

“BING! BINNNG! BINNNNNNNNG! Open the door Valiant! I know you are there”
“Hide behind that pile of old books!” hurried Valiant. The monster abruptly seemed more terrified than before, when Dany first met him in his bedroom a few hours ago.
Dany did what his friend said, and when the boy was out of view, Valiant opened the door.

“Finally!” said a big fat monster stepping into his home.

“I’m sorry Carl”—Carl was a frighten monster, taller than Valiant. Moreover, he wore round glasses that were too small for his face. “Do you think I have nothing else to do?” asked Carl furious—“My time is money Valiant. You`d better not waste it!”
“I’m sorry” said the monster again. “I was...

“No time for apologises” interrupted Carl— Give me your sack. How many nightmares did you catch tonight?

“None” confirmed Valiant looking at the dirty floor. Carl’s ears began to smoke. From Dany point of view it looked like Carl was about to explode.

“This situation can’t stay like this any longer Valiant. If you don’t catch a nightmare by tomorrow morning you’ll be force to leave Black Cat Valley and never return”. Carl was about to leave the house when Valiant stopped him.—“Please Carl give me an opportunity to do something else.” He begged “I‘m sure I can create something that will help to stop the children having nightmares.”

“That’s impossible Valiant and you know that” said Carl rudely.

“Yeah I know. But perhaps... perhaps I can create something that could help the monsters to catch nightmares faster than ever!”

Valiant talked so passionate about his possible inventions that some of this positive felling got into Carl`s heart. It somehow changed his mind and acceded to give Valiant a chance.

“Ok Valiant if tomorrow at dawn you prove you can do what you said you’ll be able to stay in the town.”

“Oh Thanks!” shouted Valiant—“But”... interrupted Carl “if you don’t, you will leave the town....Understand?”

When Carl left the house, he gave the door such a hard slam that Dany thought it was an earthquake.

“What are you going to invent Valiant?” asked Dany getting out of his hiding place.

“I don’t know” said the monster.

“But you said you could do it!” Dany looked at his friend. He was walking around, thinking of what objects he could use. Waiting for a flash of inspiration, but it didn’t come.


Dany grabbed a book from the table and passed his fingers through the pages, observing every drawing.—“Valiant. What is this story about?” Valiant took the book and smiled.

“This story is called Dreams in the rain. It tells the story about a God who commissioned a cloud to drop good dreams to the world, instead of raining. It travelled the planet from west to east, dropping a good dream before a nightmare could get into a house. But it was just one cloud for an entire world and sometimes the cloud was too late and a nightmare reached the house first.”

“That’s sad” responded Dany— why do the nightmares have to scare? Why they can’t be something else?

“That’s the answer!” exclaimed Valiant. — The monster started to run around the house, taking up every object and gadget he may need. Dany had to step aside a couple of times because his friend was so excited that he would push him without noticing.
When Valiant told Dany the idea he just had, the boy gave a happy jump. It was the most magical idea he’d ever heard of!

They both work together until dawn when Carl arrived to see what Valiant has come up with. —“Let’s see” said Carl walking around the machine. Dany who was hidden behind the giant toolbox could see how Carl inspected their invention. It was made with parts of laptops, tablets, televisions and a big funnel was attached at the top. There were also skate wheels that connected every inch of that strange machine.

“This is going to change everything Carl” started Valiant.

“And how is that?” Carl wasn’t able to see how this messy artefact could help the monsters to catch a nightmare.

“It doesn’t catch nightmares. It recycles them” affirmed Valiant—“It can convert even the worst nightmare in the most beautiful dream and send it back to the human world.

Valiant took out a nightmare that he and Dany brought back from the local dump ground. He put it into the machine and pressed some keys in the keyboard. The machine started to make noises, all screens and lights began to work and a few seconds later a beautiful dream took out from the funnel like a shot. The dream flew away like a yellow spark directly to a little girl who normally had nightmares.

“That’s amazing Valiant!” said Carl impressed— “From now on we’ll catch the nightmares but with your help instead of keeping them away, we’ll have them another chance.

When Carl left the house, Valiant accompanied Dany to the human world. It was time to come back home.

“It was amazing Valiant” whispered Dany getting into his bed— “I’m sure I’ll never forget it.”

“Well…. I’m quite sure you’ll do” said Valiant covering Dany with his blue warm blanket— “By tomorrow morning you’ll think it was all a very good dream.”

“How could I?” asked Dany, trying to keep his eyes open, —“with all that happened tonight! Valiant you fought for your dreams, you didn’t give up when Carl shout on you, and you even took out a nightmare to prove that your invention could work!”

“Do you mean I was brave?” Valiant couldn’t believe it.

“Valiant you’re the bravest monster I’ve ever met” declared Dany. A second later the boy fell asleep and he had a wonderful dream.


(cc) Rocío Cumplido González

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  1. Rocío, what a wonderful story!
    I absolutely loved Valiant... ah this story really made mi imagination fly, it is so charming and magical, a perfect sory for halloween!!! congrats! everytime i enter your blog I get more and more suprised